CONFIRE SHOWTIME (64-bit) Version - 21st September 2018 Download
CONFIRE SHOWTIME (32-bit) Version - 21st September 2018 Download


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CONFIRE SHOWTIME comes in a 32 and 64-bit version. Click on the corresponding download button for your system and download the right installer of CONFIRE SHOWTIME. Then launch the installation and follow the on-screen instructions of the setup wizard.

This is all that's needed to install the software. Checking of future service updates is also enabled.

You can test out CONFIRE SHOWTIME for 30 days without restrictions. If you wish to continue using CONFIRE SHOWTIME after the trial period you will need to install a license. CONFIRE SHOWTIME is licensed per computer. More detailed information about the licensing process can be found in the user manual.

Previous versions

CONFIRE BLACKBOARD is the predecessor of CONFIRE SHOWTIME and isn't supported anymore. The documentation for CONFIRE BLACKBOARD is located here.

CONFIRE BLACKBOARD Designer Version 1.5.20 Download
CONFIRE BLACKBOARD Player Version 1.5.20 Download